4 ways in which Superheroes show you failure is only a part of life

Superheroes are much beyond their larger-than-life stunts that we gape at on-screen. Yes, no one would deny that such phenomenal actions are one of the major reasons why we are hooked to them -but a deeper look also reveals what amazing inspiring life lessons we can learn from these iconic characters. No matter how grim the situation is, they taught us to abide by the moral code always and to stand by others selflessly for the sake of humanity. Most importantly they show you failure is only a part of life.

We fail to stand up again

Bruce was really fortunate to have somebody as wise as Alfred Pennyworth as his father-figure who seemed to knew the wisest thing about failure.

“Why do we fall?
So we can learn to pick ourselves up.”

One of the most important hard-hitting lessons we can learn from Batman is that failure is inevitable and probably necessary. If we never fail, we would never have the urge to pull up the socks and fight for the triumph. Failure opens our eyes about our pitfalls and limitations so that we know where to work on to better ourselves and finally succeed in life. In simple words, failure, in some way, guides us in our journey to enhance ourselves for a more fulfilling life.

Fear of failure shouldn’t drift you from your cause

Every superhero fought for a major cause and they kept on fighting even when they knew about the challenges ahead. Risks of failure did not drift them off from their aim in life and this is one of the most important lessons you should learn from the superheroes. For example, no matter how many times Green Goblin attempted to stop and nail down Peter Parker, our favorite Spiderman kept on striving towards his mission to restore order and bring peace. It’s not that Parker was not afraid of the meaning green evil and he also knew that he might fail- but he didn’t let the fear of failure to keep on striving towards his mission.


Your enemies might be stronger

With most of the superheroes, their enemies or the villains were mostly stronger and more powerful than them. Both Clark Kent and Peter Parker were mild-mannered and were usually on the receiving end of the snubbing thrashing. As superheroes too, they had to face way more powerful arch rivals like Lex Luthor and The Green Goblin. It was certainly intimidating for them to wage fight against such overpowering figures -but our superheroes once again set example before us by fighting people stronger than them. They proved that the fear of failure is not uncommon when you  have a stronger opponent but if you have the zeal to fight, we can look beyond failure.

Beat failure in life by honing your talents

Most of the superheroes have been blessed with some specific skills and so are we. For example, our Spiderman is math whiz while Bruce is a genius scientist. Akin to them, we too have certain skills and we must make sure to hone them up to shine in life. Failure in one aspect does not define failure in life- if we take better care of our gifts our victory will outshine our pitfalls.

No wonder, superheroes will always be close to our heart even when we grow up.


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