Advantage and Disadvantages of a Curved TV

Because of the constant changes in the environment, innovations have been keeping up. Even when it comes to leisure technologies like televisions, there is always a brand new model that would be released every now and then. This model has been released a year ago, and new ones are starting to make it to the top of the market, Cheap curved TV so the question now is if it is still worth it.
Pros of Buying

• Immersion – by having its screen curved inward and forward, the idea of being wrapped around what you are watching becomes realistic. Due to its structure, your peripheral vision can see more and immerse you deeper in the show
• Depth – The curved edges of the structure is giving the notion that it almost look like a 3 dimensional show, even if you are just watching a 2 dimensional one. This because of the enhancement of your perception due to the strategically curve of the screen.
• View – the view might seem to be a lot wider than when you are watching in a flat screen.
• Look – the design of the television is just so cool that having one in your house can be a bragging right
Cons of Buying
Of course, there are also cons when you purchase a Curved TV:
• Reflections – due to the curve in the screen, it could give illusion images created by the reflection of the light as it hits the curve of the screen.
• Spot – you need to sit on the right spot in order to experience the wonders of this model, or else, the image in the screen might look distorted
• Wall – placing your television on wall is something normal. However, if the structure of the television is curved, then, hanging it would look awkward
No matter what, weighing the two lists, it seemed to be still a good purchase.

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