Eliminate Baldness: Regrow Hair Protocol Review

Extreme hair loss is also known as alopecia or baldness has been one of the most alarming problems that everyone might have or will be encountering. Some might have inherited this trait from their parents, relatives or elders. So how possible will it be to inherit this undesirable scenario?

One of the major contributors of balding is the sex-linked trait. What is this? A gene only found on the X chromosome and not on the Y chromosome. Humans have 46 chromosomes in the DNA, and two of these will identify your sex/gender. If you are female, you two X chromosomes but if you are a male then you have an X and Y chromosome. Study have shown that the most forceful hair loss gene is located on the X chromosome only, what does this mean? If you are a male then you have an X chromosome which you got from your mother and has a 50/50 chance of acquiring the said trait, in this way, hair loss is partially hereditary and passes to the maternal side for a male. Female, on the other hand, must have two copies of this gene, one copy of each X chromosome in order to express the trait physically. But these are just one of the possible causes of hair loss. Aside from inheritance, hair loss is just the consequence on how we treat our body.
There is what we call regrow hair protocol review which will help eliminate the worries and fear inside our heads. As stated earlier, this hair loss is just our body’s response or the consequence to our unhealthy behavior. Follow these procedures to help you regenerate your hair if you’re currently encountering the said problem.
• Free yourself from anxiety.
• Eat healthy food. Avoid food which will cause or prevents hair growth.
• Wash your hair on a regular basis.
• Massage your scalp gently.
• Take a quality sleep.
• Consume vitamins.
• Seek professional assistance.

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