Software platform architectures

Gyanasoft is focused on providing robust embedded software platform architectures, tools and services, targeted at the System-on-a-Chip market, with particular expertise in Consumer electronics equipment and programmable multi-media processors.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA the founding team has delivered solutions to world class consumer electronics companies in Europe, Japan, Korea and China and the US.  Their experience spans designs that have shipped in the millions of units, spanning multiple generations of hardware. We specialize in programming tools and custom simulation environments for micro-coded engines, including cycle-accurate simulators, micro-code assemblers and debuggers.

  • Products that leverage our platform architectures exhibit modularity, superior maintainability and low cost of proliferation over multiple component life-cycles, thereby improving our customers ROI.
  • We specialize in embedded software architectures that are scalable, maintainable and lower the cost of sustaining engineering when deployed over the entire product lifecycle.
  • We help integrate our platform and work in conjunction with in-house software teams during the implementation and deployment of customer products..
  • Our solutions are targetted for the next generation of Consumer electronics equipment such as HD DVD players, PVR’s, ATSC Television sets, Set Top boxes.