Software Architecture, Implementation, Test and sustaining
engineering for

  • Consumer Multi-media System Software
  • Platform software for silicon sub-systems
  • Verification and automation tools for SoC design support

Reduced cost sustaining engineering for proliferations of existing designs or      end-of-life designs     Development Tools for custom Processors
 Programming Tools and Simulation environments for programmable      SIMD/Vector/CISC/RISC processors

  • Micro-code assemblers and debuggers
  • Cycle Accurate simulators in System-C/C++/System-Verilog
   Gyanasoft Platform Development

  • Implements a scaleable, modular, maintainable platform layer – architected for Consumer electronics equipment.
  • Device Independece
  • OS Abstraction
  • Low cost of adding new devices

Silicon Debug and Development Tools for SoC

  • Targetted at designs with very large Register sets
  • XML based – Meta description toolset
  • Register Viewer
  • Register RTL generator
  • Register Documentation generator